Tuesday, January 9, 2007

A new year, a new blog

Blogger wouldn' let me move my blog from the "old" blogger to the new one. So, I did something [that for me] more terrifying than dropping a needle mid-lace pattern, I hit the delete button. Then, I hit the "yes, i am sure" button, and the old ergknits is gone forever. Welcome one and all to the all new Emily Knits site.

A little boring bit about me: I am a graduate student, studying epidemiology. Yes, I am one of those do-gooders (as my TA recently referred to me) that wants to save the world one sick person at a time. I also try to save the world one knitted object at a time. My "charitable knitting" tally for 2006 is:

  • Red Scarf Project: 2 scarves
  • Dulaan Project: 46 items
  • Afghans for Afghans: 3 items
  • Soaring Eagles Project: 7 items
  • Snuggles Project (through Hugs for Homeless Animals): 7 items
  • Warm Up America: 6 items
  • My Sister's Place: 1 item (it was a twin-sized blanket, though)
  • Caps to the Capital: 16 items

As much as I enjoy knitting for others, I have recently come around to the notion of knitting for myself as well. This is largely what my knitting in 2007 will be about.

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