Monday, January 15, 2007

"Learn to Knit Afghan" progress to date

I have completed the first section of the Learn to Knit afghan [book], knit & purl combinations, and have done two squares from the mosaic section. The author suggests that you use four colors - 2 dark & 2 light - but I went a little yarn crazy happy in a yarn store, so I had more than 4 colors and not really enough of any of them (28 oz each of the light and 12 oz each of the dark) to use only four colors. I know myself well enough that if I went back to the LYS "to buy more of the colors I had already chosen" I would have come away with WAY TOO much yarn (yes, I am a yarn addict, how did you guess?).

The solution? A jewel-toned afghan with using most of the Patons Classic Merino I purchased. The colors (always subject to addition - I am now back in CT with access to my knitpicks yarn) are:
  • Aran (cream/off-white)
  • Burgundy
  • Bottle Green
  • Navy
  • That's Blue
  • That's Purple
  • Royal Purple
  • Peacock
The pictures:

I. First section (knit-purl combinations)

Back row (or top?): Garter & Rib (7) in bottle green, Striped Stockinette (2) in aran & bottle green; Middle row: Basketweave (3) in burgundy, Diagonal rib (5) in aran, Rose fabric (8) in burgundy & nvay; Bottom row: Twisted & Crossed rib (6) in that's purple, Lattice with seed stitch in that's blue, Striped garter in aran & navy.

II. Mosaic patterns
Left: Horizontal chain (9) in peacock & navy
Right: Diagonal chain (10) in aran & royal purple
Both squares are much richer in color but the flash washed them out.

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