Monday, January 15, 2007

2007 Stashalong Goals

This is the stash (or at least the skeins I photographed):

Why yes, it is a lot of yarn...I recently created a spreadsheet to keep track of my gluttony spoils, and I have 340 skeins of wool which translates roughly to a little over 60,000 yards of wool. This is not counting the acrylic, wool-acrylic belnds, carry along yarns etc.

So, onto the stashalong goals:
  1. Option 1: I will NOT BUY yarn for the next 3 months unlesss I need something to complete a project currently in progress (see #2)
  2. Option 3: Finishing UFOs - I have several UFOs to complete. I can't officially select this option as I have only two UFOs I want to complete during this challenge. Unfortunately for my wrists they are both blankets:

    • Queen Sized Afghan for my bed - I have 4 strips of 10 complete, each strip comprised of 9 or 10 squares of knitting, each with a different pattern. My goal is to have this completed by July, becasue that will be one year since I began it. In reality, however, I'll take it any time before it gets cold again next fall/winter.
    • Learn to Knit Afghan from Barbara Walker's Learn to Knit Afghan Book - I have completed 10 of the 63 sqaures and am currently working at the pace of one square every two or three days. (Pictures will follow soon, when I upload them from my camera.

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