Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Falling behind

I am off-track on my LTKA. I was hoping to finish a square every day or two, but these mosaic squares are taking much longer than I anticipated. The reason? I'm not sure. Maybe I'm just moving more slowly? Perhaps the cold weather is taking a toll on my hands? Could be either or them, or a combination. But, I also noticed something that is a cross between annoying and annoying - most of these squares are done in garter stitch with slipped stitches to create the pattern. Ok, so I get the whole "feel the nubby texture" idea (the whole point of this afghan is to explore new styles/patterns/techniques/textures etc) but all of them? That adds at least two repeats of each pattern to the square. Methinks I may do the final mosaic squares in stockinette, just to see what it's like...

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