Tuesday, January 27, 2009

RIP John Updike

A few hours ago, I read about the passing of the author John Updike. If you haven't read him, you should. I recommend:

The Witches of Eastwick
The Widows of Eastwick (a 20 year later follow-up to The Witches of Eastwick)
The Rabbit novels


Monday, January 5, 2009

Free at last, free at last

Ok, so I am stealing a great Civil Rights phrase and using it for something silly: a [Finally] finished object:

The Crazy-making blanket (once known as the Learn To Knit Afghan) is complete. I even wove in the ends.

I think the blanket-making bug is out of my system. Unfortunately I am halfway through another blanket. (Good thing it is a cold winter!) I am halfway through with a blanket that is a combination of the Knitters squares from The Great American Afghan, The Great American Aran Afghan, The Great North American Afghan, and Vogue Stitchionary: Cables. I'm too far along to rip it out, but I don't really want to finish it either. Way to start a new year.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

2008 had some high points and some (really) low points, but I'm conflicted about kicking it to the curb. I realize that I don't have any choice - 2009 didn't ask my opinion about arriving and arrived it has.

We are still early enough in the year to hope that the lowest points 2009 brings us will be on par or better than the highest points of last year. May 2009 and bring us all health and happiness.