Wednesday, April 18, 2007

more squares

Square 42: Tilting Trellis in AranSquare 43: Cabled Lattice in Violet
Square 44: Faggoting (yes, it is a knitting term) and Fancy Rib in Royal Purple, unblocked
Square 45: Vine Leaf Panel in Palm Green


Square 37: Wrung Rib cable in That's PurpleSquare 38: Four-Rib Braid and Open Cables in Peacock
Square 39: Leaning Stripes in Bottle Green & Palm Green
Square 40: Twisted Panels in That's Blue
Square 41: Ripple in Aran & Burgundy

LTKA update

45 squares are now done!

I have made/am making a few changes to the plan:
  • Substitutions:

    • Book: Assorted Mock Cables to be replaced by Serpentine Cables
    • Book: Trinity Stitch to be replaced by Saxon Braid/Celtic Cable

  • Additional Square - I will be adding one square, a multicolored Houndstooth Check
Pictures of the completed squares (not in any order) to come

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

baby knitting

I have a box (no pictures - is seeing a taped cardboard box blogworthy? Just take my word for the box) with 30 knitted items for the Dulaan project. I originally signed up for the "Dulaan 10,000 or Bust" drive - which obligated me to knit five items. I knit 50 total (the first 20 went out in a box back in January) which I think means that I can leave Dulaan alone until 2008.

But, I came across another site, Warm Woolies (just google them, linking is beyond me at the moment) that is collecting warm clothing for children in orphanages etc. I have two baby sweaters for them so far, and another two toddler/small child sweaters on the needles. They seem impossibly small to me:

Above: a sweater made from lamb's Pride bulky in Aztec Turquoise & Brite Blue
Above: 12 month size sweater made from Bear Creek (super bulky) in Bubblegum