Wednesday, November 7, 2007

two posts in one day?

Just finished today's writing and my new word count is: 11,704. Casualty count?

  • 1 ruined Halloween courtesy of the aftereffects of a hurricane
  • 10 frightened children
  • 1 frightened, threatened protagonist
  • 1 murder victim
  • 1 Elvis impersonator assaulted (by said protagonist)
  • 1 child in pirate costume made fun of (by other children) for his too dignified monocle
  • several pounds of halloween candy drowned in rain water (I'm not sure how many unhappy children that converts into, however)

On the knitting front, I have completed my Ravelry Scarf Exchagne Scarf. I just have to block it. (No pictures until I mail off the scarf and assorted goodies)

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Baby Beth said...

I wanna read this novel. Sounds fun.