Monday, June 4, 2007

Seven random things

Heidi tagged me and I have been too long in answering. So, here goes.

1. I am left handed but knit, use a computer mouse, and I'm sure I do many other things right handed. Have you ever tried to cut paper with a one of the left handed scissors they used to give left-handed kids?

2. I love to cook and bake.

3. I wrote a novel during NaNoWriMo 2004. Please don't ask me anything about it - I haven't looked at it since November 2004 - writing an entire novel in 30 days made me really sick & tired of it.

4. I am an equal opportunity caffeine abuser - coffee, tea, mate, chocolate.

5. I love opera, but the best live musical performance I ever saw (aka had the most fun at) was an Alice Cooper concert. (I did go to the concert with the same friend I sometimes go to the opera with - at least I'm not alone in my nuttiness)

6. I love movies of all different kinds, especially classics and movies so bad they're great (Conan the Barbarian for example.)

7. There is a strange collection of foods I don't eat - avocado, mushrooms, organ meats etc. I'm not sure they have anything in common other than the fact that I don't eat them. I'll cook them for you though, but I warn you - I'll only be guessing the right way to make them.


archiknist said...

Maybe it's the texture? (That's why I don't like mushrooms, at least--although I don't mind them as a component, as long as they're small/finely chopped and unobtrusive.)

Baby Beth said...

Same with me regarding mushrooms. And also ditto regarding being a lefty who does practically everything like those freaky right handed people. I can't even use left-handed scissors. I can't get them to work.