Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Finally on vacation

Finally took a week off.  Now what?  I have lectures to prepare, a grant propsal draft to work on, a closet that desperately needs cleaning out, a mountain of laundry that calls out to me (something about clean socks?) and a million other small things I need to get done in the next six days.  Am I going to do any of those things today?  Perhaps.  Later.  This morning I am going to see The Avengers!  I will see anything Joss Whedon does and I usually love it.  What's funny is that I realized that this will be my first time in a movie theater in about 6 years.  You didn't misread that.  6 years.  I hate the texting, talking, nextel-ing, tweeting, and the parents who bring children to inappropriate films and then fail to take the terrified/bored/cranky children outside for fear of missing a minute of movie.  So at 10am on a Tuesday, I am heading to the movies.  Wish me luck.

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