Tuesday, February 6, 2007

pics to follow

Ok, more squares to show. I am now officially one-third done knitting the Learn to Knit afghan!!!

I have finished 21 squares. Suddenly this project feels less-than never-ending. Unfortunately, I have made zero progress on my other quilt. Must get back on that soon.

Confession time:

I bought yarn on Sunday - ok, it was my stash enhancement day, but I bought yarn I don't even know what I am going to do with. Yarn Garden had a superbowl sale with all yarns priced at 41% off. How can you pass that up? So, I bought three skeins of eco wool and some cascade 220 (5 skeins.) I got to the register, and all that yarn cost me $53.00. I almost bought more. I didn't because we were headed to Yarn Barn afterwards. I ultimately didn't buy anything there - not for any attack of conscience or responsibility but because the sale was disorganized, the store was a zoo, and the line was at least 40 people long. So, I got away with yarn and no strike on the stashalong, but ever since (yes, it's only Tuesday) I have been thinking yarn. Buying yarn, stocking up on yarn...projects for the eco wool - realizing that I should have purchased more eco wool etc. Oh, I can feel a strike coming on. Damn.

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